Intelligent data systems for building energy workflow: Data pipelines, LSTM efficiency prediction and more; Chandra Y. Matuška T. (2022)

Energy and Buildings (2022). The data collection process for thermal energy storage (TES) system is largely still and restricted to data collection only. This leaves a gap to study the transient state physical process of charge and discharge as … Pokračovat ve čtení

Applicability of high-temperature cooling systems in different European countries from the view of the condensation risk, Zmrhal V., Barták M., (2021)

Build. Simul. (2021). Due to the different approaches in determining the ventilation airflow rate per person for workspaces, where high-temperature air conditioning systems are used for air conditioning, problems with the condensation of water vapour on the cold surfaces of … Pokračovat ve čtení

Simulation-based assessment of data center waste heat utilization using aquifer thermal energy storage of a university campus, Dvořák V., Zavřel V., Torrenes J.I. Hensen, J.L.M, (2020)

Build. Simul. (2020). The global energy consumption of data centers (DCs) has experienced exponential growth over the last decade, that is expected to continue in the near future. Reasonable utilization of DC waste heat, which is dissipated during the computational … Pokračovat ve čtení